5 Summer Wellness Favourites

Here are our five summer wellness favourites we just can't live without!

Herbal tea... iced

Swap out your regular milky tea and coffee for something a little cooler. Brew a pot of one of our delicious organic herbal loose leaf teas, allow to cool and serve over ice in a cute pitcher for the ultimate summer vibes. Feel free to add a little natural sweetener like raw honey if you like.

Affirmation cards

Just when you need a little pick-me-up, affirmation cards are a great way to reset your mind frame. We suggest to intuitively pull a card from the deck and allow its message to help bring you a sense of peace and calming.

Coffee scrub

Whether you've spent all day in the sun or you're getting ready to chuck on some fake tan, treat your skin to a burst of energy with one of our three delicious all-natural coffee scrubs. Made from 100% recycled coffee grinds collected from local Perth cafes, just know you're doing your skin and the environment a favour.

Sustainble serveware

Make meal time on-the-go so much easier with our sustainable bamboo cutlery set, all rolled up in an easy to wash calico pouch. And to top it off, why not treat yourself to a polished coconut bowl to show off your smoothie bowls on Instagram with.

Essential oil intro kit

Play around with three of the most popular and versatile essential oils this summer. Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint are the perfect trio to get you started on your oily journey. Diffuse them together for an uplifting and refreshing scent.

Cheers to an endless summer!